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Condominium Projects

Helping community homeowners' associations maximize energy efficiency

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As an energy efficiency contractor for utilities and energy program sponsors, RISE works with condominium associations and property managers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to help unit owners save energy, reduce costs, and improve the air and lighting quality in their homes.

We conduct no-cost assessments of sample dwelling units and common areas to identify energy-saving opportunities, while noting any safety concerns. Energy upgrades deemed cost-effective are presented to the condo association's leadership along with the project costs, financial incentives, projected energy savings, and average payback time for any customer copayments.

Once the condo board accepts the program agreement, condo unit owners may sign up to have any of the offered efficiency measures installed in their units. RISE assures expert installation by qualified, fully insured contractors, and coordinates centralized invoicing of any customer copayments after the work is completed to the customer's satisfaction.



Condominium Projects

To sign up for energy efficiency upgrades in your condominium unit, click on the name of your condo complex below. If your condo complex is not listed or if your residence is not part of a homeowners association, click here.