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Sportsmans Bowl Schenectady, N.Y..

Family oriented business that has been home to generations of bowlers for more than 50 years.

In 2009, National Grid's Small Business Direct Install Program vendor, RISE Engineering, contacted the Sportsmans Bowl's owners about how to save money on its electric bills. RISE conducted a free energy assessment of the building and recommended upgrading the lighting to high-efficiency T8 fluorescent fixtures. The resulting energy savings, combined with financial incentives from National Grid that covered 70 percent of the equipment and installation costs, enabled the Sportsmans Bowl to recoup its investment in just seven months and reduce its electricity expenses by more than $40,000 over the next six years.

As a result of technological advances, in 2015 RISE again upgraded the Sportsmans Bowl's lighting, this time replacing all of the interior, exterior and parking lot lights with state-of-the art LED fixtures. This retrofit improved the overall lighting quality and is projected to reduce electricity costs by more than $60,000 over five years. The upgrade to LED will also produce about $1,800 in average annual maintenance savings over the lifetime of the lights.


  • Save energy
  • Reduce electricity expenses and maintenance costs
  • Improve the quality of the facility’s interior and exterior lighting


  • Replaced 188 fluorescent fixtures with LED troffers, including:
    • 97 over the lanes, more evenly distributing light for a better bowling experience
    • 23 over the pin-setting machines, creating a safer working environment
  • Replaced 23 interior incandescent lamps with LED lamps
  • Replaced 13 metal halide and 2 incandescent fixtures with LED on the exterior, improving safety and security in the parking lot and around the building




Total Project Cost                            $41,500
National Grid Incentive                 -$25,888
Customer Cost                                 $15,117
Annual kWh Saved                           107,740
Annual Energy $ Saved                   $12,371
Simple Payback                                1.1 years


Total Project Cost                              $15,317
National Grid Incentive                   -$10,721
Customer Cost                                   $4,596
Annual kWh Saved                            63,140
Annual Energy $ Saved                    $7,504
Simple Payback                              7 months