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Barrington Single Family home.

100 -year old home gets energy upgrades

After purchasing their 100-year-old home, the Creamers reached out to RISE Engineering on the advice of their Realtor and home inspectors.

The home's original source of heating was a dated oil boiler that vented through a chimney. Home inspectors told them it was old and failing, and they recommended converting to natural gas. The home also had insufficient insulation, so there was added concern about heating bills and lack of energy efficiency.

A RISE Energy Specialist conducted several efficiency tests and guided the Creamers through a thorough review from attic to basement, including testing the insulation thickness on the exterior. Recommendations were made to upgrade the home’s heating, cooling, and hot water systems. The Creamers selected an energy-efficient direct-venting gas boiler and water heater. For cooling, they installed an electric heat-pump, semi-split air conditioner. Additionally, contractors completed thorough weatherization of the home with both attic and basement insulation.

Energy efficiency tests before and after demonstrated a significant leap in efficiency. They noticed the difference right away. The home felt warmer and less drafty, in particular, the attic and basement.

“I was really impressed with the team's thoroughness and attentiveness to detail, depth of explanation, and quality of work. I live in a 100-year old house, and their efforts will make a considerable impact on energy consumption and efficiency."

Andrew Creamer


  • Reduce energy costs and improve efficiency and occupant comfort


  • 9 hours of air sealing
  • Over 1,000 sq. ft. of attic insulation
  • Over 100 sq. ft. of basement insulation
  • Advanced water and heating/cooling equipment


Annual Therm's Saved                 144
Annual Cost Savings                   $200