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BoxDrop New England.

family-owned furniture store in Warren, RI

BoxDrop New England is a small, family-owned furniture store in Warren, RI. They are forced to operate on tight margins in order to compete with Big Box retailers. Keeping their overhead down is crucial to maintaining their competitive advantage. The owner, Kyle Sherratt, reached out to RISE Engineering for a no-cost energy assessment with the goal of evaluating and identifying potential areas of savings.

“After RISE explained how they work with our local utility company, National Grid, to get us the best rebates available, the decision to move forward was a no-brainer. The install was recently completed and so far I am seeing a 31% saving in my utility bill which is fantastic."

Kyle Sherratt
BoxDrop New England 


  • Lower operating costs
  • Balance the quality of the facility’s lighting


  • High-efficiency LED lighting fixtures throughout the store
  • Digital thermostats to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Occupancy sensors ensure energy is used only when needed


Total Project Cost                            $8,383
National Grid Incentive-                -$5,958
Customer Cost                                 $2,424
Annual kWh Saved                           7873
Annual Energy $ Saved                   $1,133
Simple Payback                           <2.2 years