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Some of Our Recent Work


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Everyone was really efficient, very professional, and clearly experienced. They guided us through the process very well. Now, we're so much more comfortable and energy costs us much less. We hear less noise from the street thanks to the insulation. Plus, our home has increased in value, and we feel like it's a better investment."

Jane Masters Homeowner
Providence, R.I.
National Grid Customer
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"Saint Elizabeth Community has looked to RISE Engineering to assist us in reducing our operating costs by enacting projects that reduce our energy usage. At Saint Elizabeth Home, one measure of the success of these projects is that our electrical usage for the first quarter of this year was significantly less than any of the previous four years. We look forward to participating in more RISE projects."

Tom Radican Homeowner
Facilities Engineer
Saint Elizabeth Community
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"I highly recommend RISE Engineering to PHAs looking to reduce energy costs. The free assessment was accurate, the installers were professional, and the utility program incentives made it affordable for us to install high-quality energy conservation measures at our three main complexes."

Jason T. Sackett, PHM Homeowner
Executive Director
City of Hornell Housing Authority
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Some of Our Recent Thinking