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Middletown Single Family home.

Cape-style home built in 1952 gets an energy upgrade

After enduring a very cold winter, Michelle Avenia requested an energy audit based on a recommendation from a contracted professional. By comparison, other homes she had lived in were much warmer during the winter months, and less humid in the summer.

Upon inspection, it was discovered her cape-style home, built-in 1952, had significant energy loss. The energy audit revealed there was no insulation in the attic or the outside walls of her home. There were additional areas around doors and windows that could benefit from remedial work. RISE created a customized energy report tailored specifically to this home. The follow-up work involved complete attic and wall insulation, along with air sealing of the home.

Insulation and air sealing lowers energy costs, provides year-round comfort, improves the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, and keeps out dust and allergens. As a result the homeowner felt a big difference this summer. The house stayed cool and the humidity, previously a problem was now less extreme and comfortable. She admits to being a thoughtful conservationist and believes in not wasting precious resources. The efficiency measures installed not only lowered her carbon footprint, they resulted in significant savings.

“I can't express in enough words how this program and these contractors have really changed how we feel in and about our home. This house was a HOT house around this time of year-especially in our 2nd-floor area. It has now been so much more comfortable."

Michelle Avenia


  • Reduce energy costs and improve efficiency and occupant comfort


  • 9 hours of air sealing
  • 1,602 sq. ft of wall insulation
  • Over 1,000 sq. ft. of attic insulation


Annual MMBTU's Saved              290.45
Annual Energy $ Saved               $360