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Power Up Your Future with RISE EV Charging Stations

Embrace the Electric Evolution

The future is electric, and the road to sustainability begins with Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations. The Edison Electric Institute predicts an exponential rise in EV adoption, with over 7 million EVs on the road by 2025. The need for accessible charging infrastructure is growing rapidly, and RISE is here to light the way for facility owners seeking an all-encompassing EV solution.


One Team. One Solution.

When it comes to EV charging stations, RISE stands out as your trusted partner. Our licensed specialists provide a seamless journey from concept to reality. From site analysis and design to installation and warranty coverage, we are committed to making your transition to EV charging stations effortless and efficient.

The Advantages



RISE is an authorized reseller equipped with licensed installation experts. We deploy premium equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring smart, interactive, and robust charging solutions.


With RISE, drivers can signal their charging intent using a user-friendly app. This streamlined process reduces congestion and speeds up the charging experience.

networkcontrolYour charging station operations are in your hands. RISE empowers you to set fees according to your preferences, giving you ultimate control over your EV charging network.


Our status as an approved installer opens doors to substantial incentives from renowned organizations such as National Grid, Eversource, and government program sponsors. These incentives make EV charging solutions more affordable than ever before.





Take Action and Witness the Transformation

Empower Your Space With EV Charging

RISE is ready to evaluate the potential benefits of installing EV Charging Stations at your facility. Our team of experts will analyze, design, and create a strategy that help you make a well-informed decision.

The RISE Difference

Choose RISE for a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. We handle identification, design, and installationseamlessly. Our expert team navigates incentives on your behalf, ensuring you reap the rewards available.

Elevate Your Future

Partner with RISE One Team One Solution! Our history of excellence and approved installers ensure a reliable and hassle-free experience. With RISE, longevity is a promise, and you'll have a partner to lean on every step of the way.

Step into the Future with RISE

Seize the opportunity to shape a sustainable tomorrow. Transitioning to EV Charging Stations isn't just a choice; it's aninvestment in innovation, convenience, and a greener world. Connect with RISE today and embark on the journey toward abrighter future.

Solutions for Every Type of Facility

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