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Cumberland Single Family home.

Dated and meager insulating materials had left the home drafty and the insulation insufficient.

It only took a quick visit to the attic of her new house for Mrs. Dau to realize there was a problem. Dated and meager insulating materials had left the home drafty and the insulation insufficient. Having used RISE Engineering in the past, she completed her audit request and was confident the issues would be addressed quickly and professionally. The house was so air loose that RISE had to tape doors to get a blower door test result. After a thorough energy audit, the team at RISE identified a number of energy upgrades and improvements.

Insulation crews began by filling the outside walls with cellulose insulation. Careful installation ensured the cosmetic condition of the house remained intact. They then focused on the attic and installed nearly three thousand square feet of premium insulation.  The addition of weather stripping and air sealing throughout the house helped to prevent future drafts. Inefficient showerheads were replaced with energy-efficient ones, and the new thermostat installed ensured the heating and cooling would be operating at peak efficiency.

The home is now energy-efficient, resulting in significant savings and increased comfort. As a bonus, the insulation decreases sound transfer which minimizes street traffic and outside noise.

“I was amazed that they were able to add insulation to the side walls.  The home is now quieter and the "cold" spots are gone."

Arlen Dau 


  • Reduce energy costs and improve efficiency and occupant comfort


  • 14 hours of air sealing
  • 2 showerheads, 1 thermostat
  • 1,148 sq. ft of wall insulation
  • 2,860 sq. ft. of attic insulation
  • Over 162 sq. ft. of basement insulation


Annual MMBTU's Saved               55
Annual Energy $ Saved               $941.22