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Women's Fitness of Boston, Mass..

Women’s Fitness of Boston, an Eversource Energy customer, is a 10,000-square-foot urban gym.

The owners of this small business contacted Eversource about how to save money on their electric bills and were directed to the utility's Small Business Direct Install Program vendor, RISE Engineering. RISE conducted a free energy assessment of the facility and recommended improvements, including state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures, lighting controls, programmable thermostats, and high-efficiency showerheads. These energy-efficiency measures produced a projected $5,000 in annual electricity savings and created a brighter, more enjoyable environment for the gym’s clientele and employees

“Inquiring about how we could reduce electricity costs for our business was one of the best phone calls we ever made RISE Engineering came in and completed the project quickly, cleanly and efficiently, and we immediately saw significant savings on both the electric and water bills. Thank you RISE!"

Julie and Steven DiLeo
Women's Fitness of Boston



  • Save energy
  • Reduce electricity expenses and maintenance costs
  • Improve the quality of the facility’s lighting
  • Eliminate the buzzing noise originating from older ballasts during exercise classes



Lighting Retrofits

  • Replaced 71 fluorescent fixtures with LED troffers in the office, hallways, main room, weight and spinning rooms, locker rooms and tanning room
  • Replaced 3 halogen lamps with LED lamps in the front hall

Lighting Controls

  • Installed occupancy sensors in the office, spinning room, locker rooms, and tanning room

HVAC & Water Efficiency Measures

  • Replaced 3 no-setback thermostats with programmable thermostats
  • Installed 6 low-flow showerheads




Total Project Cost                            $22,720
Eversource Incentive-                    -$20,448
Customer Cost                                 $2,272
Annual kWh Saved                           27,891
Annual Energy $ Saved                   $5,020
Simple Payback                           <6 months