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Gasbarro Commercial Properties.

Two multi-unit commercial properties get an energy upgrade

William Gasbarro reached out to RISE Engineering for efficiency upgrades in his two commercial buildings in North Smithfield, RI.

Minimizing disruption during the assessment and installation was of utmost importance. Mr. Gasbarro writes, "Initially when I thought about all the fixtures that had to be changed out in the building during our normal operating hours, I was very concerned that the tenants and their patients would be displaced and upset."

Installers coordinated with Mr. Gasbarro, the maintenance personnel, and the various tenants to not create any disruption or confusion in the building while the buildings were open every day of the week. Many tenants shared how pleased they were with the three installers' demeanor, work ethic, and professionalism. "Each of your installers went about his job with no confusion or disruption to any of our tenants or their patients (the larger building located at 63 Eddie Dowling Highway is a medical center with various doctors' offices and medical facilities). At the end of each day, the building was clean, presentable, uncluttered, and ready for the process to begin again on the next day".

“All your personnel are a real tribute to your company and they are what gives RISE its stellar reputation and approval rating.  As the saying goes "You are only as good as the people who work for you."

William Gasbarro
North Smithfield, RI


  • Lower operating costs, and improve energy efficiency in multiple tenant properties.


  • Facility 1: 12 unit – High-efficiency LED lighting fixtures, 4 digital thermostats to reduce heating and cooling costs, and 22 aerators for efficient water use.
  • Facility 2: 5 unit – High-efficiency LED lighting fixtures and 1 aerator for efficient water use.



Total Project Cost $48,317.64
National Grid Incentives -$34,398.25
Customer Cost $13,919.39
Annual kWh Saved 63,641.13
Annual Therms Saved 145
Annual Energy $ Saved $9,164.32
Simple Payback 1.5 years

Total Project Cost $7,162.16
National Grid Incentives -$5,383.07
Customer Cost $1,779.09
Annual kWh Saved 7,492.03
Annual Therms Saved 17
Annual Energy $ Saved $1,078.85
Simple Payback 1.7 years