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Multifamily Energy Efficiency.

Villa Anginette Apartment Owners invests in comprehensive efficiency upgrades to reduce energy use and realize financial savings.


The owner of Villa Anginette Apartments reached out to the Rhode Island Energy Multifamily Program for a no-cost energy assessment of the 13-unit building. The energy audit found that the boiler room contained an older gas-fired atmospheric boiler that was still in use for heating. The system pumps were original to the building, and there was a considerable amount of uninsulated pipe running through unconditioned spaces.

The assessment also found opportunities to improve the performance of the building envelope, especially in the attic and basement.


The owner elected to fully capitalize on the Multifamily Program offerings by implementing all of the assessment’s recommendations. 

  •  Replacing the existing boiler with a high-efficiency (98%) condensing unit
  •  Upgrading the system pumps to high-efficiency, electronically commutated motors(ECMs) with variable frequency drives(VFDs) for speed control
  •  Installing over 400 linear feet of heating and domestic hot water pipe insulation
  •  Air sealing in the attic and basement chases, top plates, plumbing and wiring penetration and other typical leakage points in the building
  •  Adding R-38 blown cellulose insulation to the open attic space, including soffit baffles
  •  Installing weather stripping and damming material to the attic hatch, as well as installing a fiberglass batt to the basement sill


“This was a big investment for me. Working with the Program was a great decision. My rep was knowledgeable, personable, and really listened to my personal situation. He broke everything down for me and explained how I was wasting money each year. We are already seeing significant savings.”

– Arthur-Paul Petrosinelli,
Owner, Villa Anginette Apartments


Total Project Cost:                        $51,115


Rhode Island Energy Incentive: $23,243

Customer Cost:                                  $27,872


Est. kWh Saved/yr.                             $2,156

Est. Therms Saved/yr.                      $2,989

Maintenance $ Saved/yr.                    $800


Total Annual Savings:                    $4,432