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The Masters Family Providence, R.I..

A better home with energy upgrades.


Jane and Dean Masters moved into their 95-year-old Providence home 14 years ago and have been restoring it ever since. The two-story Cape had little insulation, and their winter heating bills were high. “It’s a small house, but some months we were spending $450 on oil,” said Jane.


When the Masters decided to convert their home from oil to natural gas, they reached out to National Grid for help making their home more energy efficient. The first step was a no-cost home energy assessment. An energy specialist from RISE Engineering -- National Grid's EnergyWise Program lead vendor in Rhode Island -- did a whole home inspection, provided them with instant energy saving measures including LED bulbs and advanced power strips, and recommended air sealing, insulation in their exterior walls and attic, and a high efficiency heating system.

With the help of RISE, contractors and National Grid, the Masters made all the improvements. "Everyone was really efficient, very professional, and clearly experienced. They guided us through the process very well,” said Jane. Incentives from National Grid covered more than half the cost of weatherization, and a 0% interest HEAT Loan made the remaining cost of heating upgrades and weatherization more manageable.


“In the winter, we used to wear extra layers, plus we used an electric blanket and heated mattress pad at night. We kept the house at 58° to save on heating. Now, we’re so much more comfortable and energy costs us much less.” In fact, the Masters are saving $480 a year from weatherization work alone.

There are benefits the Masters never expected, too. “We hear less noise from the street thanks to the insulation. Plus, our home has increased in value, and we feel like it’s a better investment. We love our house now,” shared Jane.

“To anyone who’s considering having a home energy assessment, do it. Your house will be more comfortable, saving energy can save you money and it’s good for the environment, and there are people here to help you.”



$3,952 for weatherization
$2,321 covered by National Grid incentives
0% HEAT Loan for remaining weatherization
and heating system costs ($20,398)
$242.83 a month