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Two-Family Home Woonsocket, R.I.

Improving the energy efficiency of a 100-year-old duplex.

Walter Steenbergen had an energy assessment of his two-family, stucco-style home, which was built in 1912. RISE Engineering, in its capacity as National Grid's Energywise Program lead vendor, conducted the assessment and presented a recommended action plan. The energy specialist found that both units could benefit from additional attic insulation and air sealing.

RISE coordinated the installation work and financial incentives. Upon completion of the work Mr. Steenbergen received a total rebate of $5,500, or $2,750 per unit, toward the cost of these energy efficiency improvements. In addition, he received efficient light bulbs at no cost.

The Need

Improve efficiency and reduce utility costs.

The Solution

Installed insulation and efficient light bulbs and sealed air leaks in both units with the help of rebates and incentives from National Grid.