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Sterling Linen Services Manchester, N.H.

Sterling Linen Services, one of the largest commercial hospitality laundries in New England, was looking to save energy. Traditional laundry machines used in hotels, hospitals and other commercial applications use a tremendous amount of energy to heat the water required for the cleaning process. With limited options in the market, saving energy wouldn’t be easy. Then along came Xeros with it’s groundbreaking technology.

Liberty commissioned a technical study completed by RISE Engineering at Sterling’s facility. The study compared the Xeros machine with a baseline 60 lb washer by metering each machine’s energy usage under identical conditions. The study revealed a 100% decrease of natural gas usage, 76% reduction of water usage and a reduction of wash time of 28 minutes. Rob McLean, Energy Efficiency C&I Program Manager at Liberty Utilities, knew that if he could prove the energy savings, the Xeros machine would be eligible for a 50% rebate based on early replacement of a standard machine. 

Based on these findings, McLean was able to secure a $28,000 rebate for early equipment replacement. “It’s exciting to be able to help promote a new technology like this with incentives,” said McLean, “This will help bring the technology to market faster and provide real savings for our customers.”


Prove the energy savings of a new commercial laundry technology.


Replace equipment with The Xeros machine that uses millions of tiny polymer beads instead of hot water to clean fabrics.