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Twas the night before Christmas

Energy Efficient Style!

Christmas holiday mouse

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was chilled, not even pet mouse.
No wearing of hats, overcoats, extra socks,
Because we now know how much Mass Save rocks!

It all started in August, a Zoom family reunion
Where I laid it all out to my sister Petunia.
I told her of how I was dreading the season;
The cold and the wind were the big reason.

See, my house it is old, it is drafty and leaky
And when the wind blows, its noises are creaky.
I’ve lived there for years where I’ve hemmed and I’ve hawed,
Freezing through winter ‘til springtime we thawed.

Listening in on our chatter was her dear hubby.
At 6-7 in height, we all call him Stubby.
He had never been shy about speaking his mind,
So, into our convo he willingly chimed.

“Tuni and I enjoy a warm house when it’s cold,
And our bills are all lower, much more controlled.
Call for an energy audit tomorrow.
They have the tools to end all your sorrow.”

“An energy audit?” to him I did query.
To which he said, “Yes”, looking quite weary.
“How do you not know of Mass Save’s reputation?
They’ll help you pay for good insulation.”

“We had ours done before winter last year,
And winter’s a season I no longer fear.
Call them tomorrow to get on their list
To get your home right, this chance can’t be missed.”

So, the next day I called and I signed up for an audit,
A process so easy I wouldn’t have thought it.
They’ll look at my home from bottom to top
Providing a plan for which drafts they will stop.

One day later that month, eleven o’clock it was nearing,
Up pulled a team from RISE Engineering.
They looked the house over, installed free LEDs,
Tested the furnace, said thank you and please.

The insulation was thin so lots more was suggested.
Permission to drill in the walls was requested
To learn if the walls, they too needed more 
To help hold the heat we were losing for sure.

home attic insulation cartoon

In two hours they finished, a plan had been made
For more insulation of much higher grade
To be installed, by a contractor real soon
Before winter comes, before the Cold Moon.

The day of the insulation work came quickly
Where the crew would add another layer quite thickly.
Air sealing the attic was important to do
To stop the air leaking through the ceiling. Who knew!

They worked all day long, pumped in cellulose where
The tests of the audit proved none was there.
By the end of the day, after cleaning their mess
The crew did one more, a blower door test.

The test, they said, told them they’d met their set goal
To reduce the air leakage, get my house under control.
With that they did go, my house ready for cold
Fully wrapped in a blanket, a sight to behold.

So tonight I sit here in my cozy, warm house 
My kids, our mouse, me and my spouse,
Happy to know we no longer must suffer
The cold of the winter, when we had to be tougher. 

We’ll go out to play, build snowmen and forts
Then come back inside, maybe put on some shortsHome in scarf warm
In our home that is holding the heat it is making; 
Saving us tons; the bank, no longer breaking.

So, to those who haven’t yet called for your audit, 
Do it today, you’ll be glad you had thought it.
I’ll now end this story in this season of light.
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


About the author

Steve Burke

Energy Specialist Steve has been conducting energy audits for 12 years for RISE Engineering. He is proudly owned by a 3-year-old mini schnauzer, named Scupper, who allows him to do his job in between play sessions and rambling walks through the backwoods of Cape Cod.

About RISE Engineering

For the past 40 years, RISE Engineering has been helping restaurants, inns, and other hospitality businesses cut their energy usage and save money leading up to and during the busiest time of year. For eligible businesses, we offer a no-cost energy assessment and we can help you take advantage of utility-provided financial incentives for energy retrofit projects. Please contact us if you have any questions, or fill out our online form for a no-cost energy assessment.

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