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6 impactful Energy – Efficiency upgrades to implement in your hotel.

Controlling and reducing operating expenses is top-of-mind for many in the hospitality industry. Employing energy efficiency measures can provide a high return on investment, and when combined with financing and incentives from utility and program sponsors, it allows for maximum savings. These incentives can cover a significant amount of the project's cost.

Here are the top 6 measures you can implement to lower your energy bills, improve sustainability and reduce maintenance without sacrificing your guests' comfort:


1. Lighting & Occupancy Sensors

Replace all interior and exterior incandescent/fluorescent lights with more efficient LED fixtures. LED bulbs to use 1/3-1/5 of the electric power of regular bulbs and last 8-15x longer. Occupancy sensors are ideal for places like closets, storage, hallways, stairways, back-of-the-house areas, and locations not always in use.


2. Building Automation Systems

Control everything from HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting to regulate, monitor, schedule, and maintain your inside and outside environments.



3. VFD/Variable Frequency Drives

Install a variable frequency/speed drive for your HVAC system. This device will increase or decrease the fan speed of your pumps and controls by monitoring the demand and increasing or decreasing the rate as required.



4. Water devices

Upgrading your spray valves, faucet aerators, and showerheads can reduce water usage and save energy without compromising performance. Water-saving devices like these may be no-cost to you if you’re a gas water heating customer.


5. Pipe Insulations

Thermal or acoustic tank wrap and pipe insulation can be used on tank and pipework that saves energy by reducing unwanted heat flow. It can also prevent condensation (which contributes to pipe corrosion) and pipe-freezing, protects against temperature-related contact injuries, and helps dampen or control noise.


6. Refrigeration and Hood Controls

Whether you're serving for room service or large banquet events, ensuring the efficiency of your kitchen equipment can reduce energy by 30-60% while improving and monitoring temperature food safety requirements.

Get started on improving your hotel today and schedule a no-cost assessment. An energy specialist will outline a proposal with recommended energy efficiency measures with incentives, which can be installed at your convenience and minimal to no disruption of your business.

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