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West Warwick Wastewater Treatment Plant West Warwick, R.I..

A 10.5 million gallon per day facility.

The West Warwick Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 10.5 million gallon per day facility owned and operated by the Town of West Warwick. Its mission is to provide residents of West Warwick and neighboring communities with the most efficient and cost-effective services while maintaining the strictest standards of environmental awareness and conservation. In its capacity as a National Grid Project Expeditor, RISE Engineering conducted a no-cost energy assessment of the plant to identify recommended energy efficiency measures, which included upgrading 725 interior and exterior lighting fixtures and lamps. RISE managed the product acquisition and installation processes and coordinated with National Grid to leverage the utility's financial incentives.


  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Reduce electric and maintenance costs
  • Improve the lighting quality and working environment


  • Replaced recessed fluorescent lighting fixtures in the administrative and operations buildings with LED fixtures containing built-in daylight dimming controls
  • Replaced high-pressure sodium high bay fixtures in the sludge processing building with LED fixtures
  • Removed metal halide lamps from existing explosion-proof fixtures in the headworks building and replaced with LED lamps
  • Retrofit vapor-proof fluorescent fixtures with LED kits in the biological air filter building
  • Upgraded all exterior roadway and building light fixtures to LED


  • Brighter, safer working environment
  • Significantly reduced energy costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Client contact referred RISE to other wastewater facilities



Total Project Cost:                       $235,785

Utility Incentives:                        -$38,990

Customer Cost:                            $196,795

Annual kWh Saved:                      240,610

Annual Energy $ Saved:              $38,498


Simple Payback                          $7,250