Union Square Donuts Somerville, Mass..

The fast-growing, energy-conscious small business that operates a production facility in Somerville and two gourmet donut shops in Somerville and Boston.

RISE Engineering, Eversource’s Small Business Direct Install Program vendor, conducted free energy assessments of both Somerville facilities and installed state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures and occupancy sensors. These upgrades improved Union Square Donuts' working environment and are projected to create $3,700 in annual electricity savings. In addition, the estimated cost savings, utility financial incentives, and zero-percent, 24-month financing generate immediate positive cash flow.



Minimize electricity costs and improve the lighting quality at two busy facilities encompassing 12,000 square feet of commercial space.


Production Facility

  • Replaced 61 fluorescent and two incandescent lighting fixtures with LED fixtures in the production and storage areas, office, freezer, kitchen, sink, furnace room, and employee break room
  • Installed an occupancy sensor in the second-story storage area

Retail Store

  • Replaced 15 fluorescent lighting fixtures with LED fixtures in the kitchen, entrance area, office, stairway, and basement
  • Replaced 9 incandescent bulbs and 5 flood lights with LED fixtures in the dining area and restroom
  • Installed an occupancy sensor in the restroom



Total Project Cost:


Eversource Incentives:


Customer Cost


Annual $ Saved


Simple Payback

1.3 years