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Saint Elizabeth Home East Greenwich, R.I..

Nonprofit charitable organization that provides a full spectrum of quality care to older and physically disabled adults.

In its capacity as a National Grid Project Expeditor, RISE conducted a free assessment of Saint Elizabeth Home’s exterior lighting and mechanical systems to identify recommended energy-efficiency measures, which included upgrading the lighting fixtures and installing variable frequency drives (VFDs) and controls, kitchen ventilation system controls, and vending machine controls. These measures resulted in a projected $35,000 in annual energy savings.



Reduce the energy costs and improve the energy efficiency of Saint Elizabeth Home while enhancing the facility’s exterior lighting quality and the performance of its mechanical systems.


Lighting Retrofits

  • 29 gooseneck LED lighting fixtures for driveways 
  • 11 shoebox LED lighting fixtures for parking lots 
  • 14 wallpack LED lighting fixtures on building exterior 
  • 20 recessed LED cans for building porticos 
  • 2 LED floodlights for gate entrance

Variable Frequency Drives and Controls

  • 2 VFDs for hot-water circulation pumps 
  • 2 VFDs for chilled-water circulation pumps 
  • Kitchen ventilation system controls with 2 VFDs 
  • Vending machine smart controls



Total Project Cost                            $95,773
National Grid Incentive                 -$22,259
Customer Cost                                 $73,214
Annual kWh Saved                          220,962
Annual Energy $ Saved                   $12,371
Simple Payback                                2 years