Two Hundred Newbury Street Corporation Boston, Mass.

A real estate developer and Eversource Energy customer, who owns the commercial building at 200 Newbury Street in Boston and is headquartered on the fourth floor.

RISE Engineering, Eversource’s Small Business Direct Install Program vendor, evaluated this building’s owner-controlled areas and proposed modernizing the energy management system (EMS) to a web-based system with integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls. This process included updating the control sequences for the cooling tower, circulation pumps, primary air handlers, exhaust fans and smaller ventilation units, and equipping select fan and pump motors with variable frequency drives (VFDs).The new system maximizes energy efficiency by using feedback from HVAC controls to automatically adjust equipment settings in response to actual building demand, rather than operating continuously at a constant output.RISE also replaced existing high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures in the parking garage and fluorescent fixtures in the stairwells with state-of-the-art LED fixtures.These upgrades are projected to create $45,000 in annual electricity savings, increase control over the building environment, and improve lighting quality and safety in the stairwells and parking garage. In addition, the energy cost savings, utility financial incentives, and zero-percent, 24-month financing generate immediate positive cash flow for the customer.


Lower operating costs, upgrade the building’s common-area and exterior lighting, and correct HVAC deficiencies that cause occupant discomfort.


  • New, web-based EMS
  • VFDs and controls for circulation pumps and supply and return fans
  • Carbon dioxide sensors
  • Networked thermostats for fan-powered boxes
  • Temperature sensors and controls for exhaust fans and resistance heaters
  • High-efficiency LED lighting fixtures



Total Project Cost:                       $163,421

Utility Incentives:                         $122,943

Customer Cost:                            $40,478

Annual kWh Saved:                      251,320

Annual Energy $ Saved:              $45,234


Simple Payback                          <1 year