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Monomoy Regional Middle School.

This top-performing Middle School needed some upgrades to improve existing lighting and help the ever-increasing maintenance costs.

The Monomoy Middle Schools - home of the Sharks - is one of the top performing middle school's in the state. The building that the students and staff occupy is a very nice, well kept space but the facility managers and administrators knew that there was a need to upgrade the site's lighting based on the age of the existing technology, increasing maintenance costs associated with the old lighting technology, and the desire to improve the vibrancy of the learning environment.

The Monomoy team had read studies indicating that learning environments that provide more natural light, or mimic natural light, bolster the learning atmosphere and increase performance of students.

By taking advantage of the energy efficiency program offered by Cape Light Compact and Mass Save, there was an opportunity to enhance the learning environment and create an even higher performing student body.

And, the Monomoy team had also recently seen the impact that an LED lighting upgrade had at another school in the district - after the retrofit occurred they had seen a positive lift in the student and staff's physical energy levels and attitudes. They also saved over $25,000 on their annual energy costs.


Lower operating costs, upgrade the school’s classrooms, gymnasiums, common areas, and exterior lighting, and enhance the occupant experience.


  • High-efficiency LED lighting fixtures throughout the learning areas and common areas in the school
  • LED lighting was chosen with a color temperature that is more akin to a natural light color temperature
  • LED technology that works with existing lighting controls


Total Project Cost: $90,156

Annual kWh Saved: 108,665


Energy $ Saved Annually: $19,560