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City of Cranston Street Lighting Retrofit & Maintenance.

Over 9,600 street lights upgraded to energy-efficient LED technology which saved over $500k on an annual basis.

The city of Cranston, RI is home to over 9,600 street lights. The City took over operation of the street lighting system from National Grid, and contracted with RISE Engineering to upgrade all of its equipment to LED technology.

RISE conducted a detailed inventory of the equipment at all locations, and implemented a replacement strategy that significantly reduced operating costs and improved the quality of light and public safety. RISE helped Cranston secure enhanced incentives from National Grid and the RI Office of Energy Resources that reduced the city’s out of pocket expense by 38%.

The new fixtures use an average of 38 watts each, a 73% reduction from the previous equipment. They are Smart City control-ready, in the event the City opts to add that feature in the future. 

RISE is also under contract for the maintenance of the street lights for five years. The service represents a turnkey solution for the city that will yield considerable savings over the life of the contract.


Improve quality of light and public safety, reduce the cost of energy and reduce recurring maintenance costs.


  • Design specific areas for additional light based on use and need in the community
  • 1-for-1 retrofit of existing street lights to new, highly efficient LED
  • Continue support in the role as Street Light Maintenance Contractor


Total Project Cost:


National Grid Incentives:


Customer Cost:


Annual kWh Saved:


Simple Payback

<3 years



Energy $ Saved Annually: $507,000