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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I was amazed that they were able to add insulation to the side walls.  The home is now quieter and the "cold" spots are gone." Arlen Dau Homeowner
Cumberland, RI
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“It’s been a great experience working with RISE Engineering as an integrated company. The process started with the planning and design of the building’s holistic efficiency upgrades and culminated with the installation of the net-metered solar system. The project will significantly reduce our long-term operating
costs with reduced heating, cooling, and electric bills, as well as reduce our carbon footprint from an independent, renewable source of energy.” George McAuliffe South County Investments read more about this project
“After RISE explained how they work with our local utility company, National Grid, to get us the best rebates available, the decision to move forward was a no-brainer. The install was recently completed and so far I am seeing a 31% saving in my utility bill which is fantastic." Kyle Sherratt Owner
BoxDrop New England
Warren, RI
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