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Maintaining strong, resilient and clear ice can be a challenge. In the past, hot water has been used to achieve high quality ice by removing micro air bubbles and lowering viscosity. Advances in equipment have developed a way to remove micro air bubbles from water without the use of hot water. These new technologies have made it possible for facilities to produce harder, denser and clearer ice all while increasing energy savings.


Reduce Gas Consumption
With new technology, no heating is required for resurfacing water. Ambient temperature can be used ultimately reducing gas consumption by eliminating hot water.

Create a Green Ice Rink
This treatment process will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 150 tons per rink per year, quickly reducing an arenas carbon footprint.

Save Energy & Cost
This new equipment will increase electric savings by 12%. This may include:

  • Natural gas savings by 7000 – 8000 therms / pad
  • Electricity savings by + 95,000 kWh
  • Cost Savings by $1,000 – $1,200/month

Produce High Quality Ice
The modern technology used in this treatment process allows water to self-organize into an ordered vortex movement. This creates hard, dense ice by removing micro-bubbles and lower viscosity by 17% for the water used during resurfacing





RISE's energy-efficiency experts can evaluate the benefits of replacing your current ice rink water treatment process. We can provide an estimate of your energy savings, ROI and potential utility incentives available from utilities and other program sponsors that can help reduce your out-of-pocket cost.

If you choose to proceed, licensed professionals will install the premium equipment with minimal disruption to your operations. RISE will guarantee all work and follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied.