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City Housing Authority Hornell, N.Y.

The City of Hornell Housing Authority, a NYSEG electricity customer, owns and operates 158 units of housing. Its properties include Church Street Court, Sawyer Street Site, Hillside Manor, and single-family homes.

As NYSEG’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program partner, RISE Engineering conducted free energy assessments of Hornell Housing Authority’s multi-family properties to identify recommended energy-efficiency measures (EEMs), which included upgrading common-area lighting and offering tenants financial incentives for installation of energy-efficient lighting, programmable thermostats and other EEMs. These measures resulted in a projected $20,000 in annual electricity savings for the housing authority and participating tenants.

Energy Efficiency Profile


Improve efficiency and reduce energy and maintenance costs across three properties, including two senior-citizen and disabled-person housing complexes and one family-housing complex.


  • 185 screw-in CFL bulbs for dwelling-unit stoves and lamps 
  • 64 smart power strips for dwelling units
  • 99 programmable thermostats for dwelling units
  • 110 LED lamps, ballasts and screw-in bulbs for common areas
  • 116 LED flood lights
  • 9 LED exit signs

To schedule a free energy assessment, contact us online or call us at (800) 422-5365.