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The effective use of controls to guide the operation of the HVAC, lighting, and other systems is a critical element to achieving an efficient and comfortable indoor environment. A wide variety of Building Automation Systems is available for this purpose, and RISE Engineering has the resources and the experience to apply the right solution to your facility’s needs.


Energy and Cost Savings
By scheduling your equipment and having advanced sensors monitoring the equipment and space conditions, your equipment will run only when needed.

Data Tracking
Today's systems track equipment operation over time, enabling you to see trends and make adjustments where appropriate.

Control From Anywhere
Access can be provided at different levels for service technicians, facility maintenance staff, or view-only for administration access. Adjustments can be made through any supported web browser using a secure connection and authorized access settings.

Advanced Scheduling of Events
You can set up your equipment with normal weekly schedules as well as advanced scheduling for special events. This assures that your equipment reverts back to a normal schedule when the event is over.

Alarms can be created to notify the customer or building personnel in
the event of an equipment failure.




RISE's energy-efficiency experts can evaluate the benefits of installing the right building automation system for your needs.  We can present you with a proposal that outlines the investment, the savings, and the incentives available from utilities and other program sponsors that can help reduce your out-of-pocket cost.

If you choose to proceed, licensed professionals will install premium efficiency units with minimal disruption to your operations. RISE will guarantee all work and follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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