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NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program

Starting April 1, 2020 the New York Electric Utilities and NYSERDA launched a collaborative effort to help achieve the New York State heat pump goals and build the market infrastructure for a low-carbon future. National Grid is proud to partner with RISE Engineering to participate in the new NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program, to provide customers, contractors, and other heat pump solution providers a consistent experience and business environment to encourage the adoption of efficient electric air source and ground source heat pump systems.

The program is built around incentives that support customer adoption and market development effort includes support for training and qualification of contractors, processes to assure quality installations, and marketing and education to help customers understand and select among options and to operate systems optimally.

Participation requirements

To apply for incentives under this Program, ASHP installers, ASHP designers, GSHP installers, GSHP designers, and GSHP drillers must first become “Participating Contractors” by submitting one Participating Contractor Application indicating in which service territories they plan to perform work and a Contractor Participation Agreement for each of those specified utility territories.

  Technology National Grid Incentive Contractor Reward


Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump: Partial Load Heating

$500/Outdoor Condenser Unit $100/Outdoor Condenser Unit

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump: Full Load Heating

$1,000/10,000 BTUH of Maximum Heating Capacity at NEEP 5°F $500/Project

Ground Source Heat Pump: Full Load Heating

$1,500/10,000 BTUH of Full Load Heating Capacity as Certified by AHRI $500/Project

Custom Incentive

$80/MMBTU of Annual Energy Savings $500/Project

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater (<120 gal)

$700/ASHP Water Heater Unit N/A

Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater (>120 gal)

$80/MMBTU of Annual Energy Savings N/A

GSHP Desuperheater

$100/Desuperheater Unit N/A

Ground Source Heat Pump Water Heater

$900/GSHP Water Heater Unit N/A

Simultaneous Installation of Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump & Air Source HPWH

$250 Additional Bonus per Combination Installation $250/Project


Participating Contractors must submit the incentive application and associated documents to ngridheatpumpny@riseengineering.com 


  • NYS Clean Heat Incentive Application must be completed and signed by the Participating Contractor, site owner and the system owner (as applicable)—and includes contact information for key project staff, site information, and data on the proposed system.

  • All applications must include a completed ACCA Manual J and Manual S indicating systems percentage of heat load covered. Full load applications must be between 90% and 120% of peak heating load.


  • ASHP applications must include Commissioning Checklist which is to be completed and signed by the Participating Contractor.


  • GSHP applications must include a Completion Form which is to be completed and signed by the Participating Contractor.

  • Custom applications must include a preliminary assessment of technical viability.

  • The Project invoice or contract with the Site Owner must be submitted with each Incentive Application and demonstrate that at least the Total Incentive less the Participating Contractor Reward was passed on or credited in its entirety.

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