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Ensuring healthier schools.

We are uniquely equipped to assist new and existing customers in assessing their ventilation needs and achieving a healthier building and indoor environment, while also uncovering potential measures to provide better building controls and deliver energy savings. Ours is a multi-layered approach for reducing the risk of virus transmission to the greatest extent possible.


The ramifications of low indoor air quality (IAQ) in indoor classroom environments with respect to a student’s ability to learn are undeniable. Studies indicate that IAQ has a direct effect on the working capacity of students, reducing their academic performance by as much as 30%.

Concentrations of carbon dioxide which can build during class time

  • Can compromise problem-solving skills,
  • Can be detrimental to student health,
  • Can ultimately lead to lower attendance levels.

In addition to mitigating the transmission of the ongoing COVID-19 virus, our experts offer multi-faceted solutions to achieve healthier buildings and indoor environments, while at the same time incorporating energy-efficient measures that provide better building controls.

A seamless team. A single solution.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the nation’s education infrastructure with a series of formidable challenges, from the mitigation of virus transmission to the improvement of interior air quality overall. Together, three divisions of Thielsch Engineering - RISE, CEC Engineering and Coldmasters - occupy a unique market position that enables us to address these needs and in turn create healthier learning environments for current and future generations of students, teachers, and administrators.


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Founded in 1984, Thielsch Engineering offers consulting, design, and energy services to customers throughout the United States and internationally. Its special emphasis on environmental testing, energy supply, and efficiency, and design/build services helps meet the important challenges of our time.

Three market-leading experts working as one


RISE Engineering
Energy Efficiency 

A pioneer in the delivery of turnkey energy-efficiency services, RISE Engineering works with utilities and other energy program sponsors to offer energy users comprehensive efficiency services that reduce their environmental footprint and operating expenses. Our experience includes hundreds of school building projects to improve efficiency, safety, durability, and indoor air quality.


CEC Engineering
Consulting Engineers

Creative Environment Corp. provides a wide range of clients with the highest quality MEP/FP Engineering and Design Services. We received a RI AIA R&D award in 2020 for our work authoring a technical paper used as a supplement to the RI Department of Education’s Reopening Planning Template. The materials presented information and options for facilities to use as practical strategies in an effort to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.


Commercial/Industrial HVACR

Coldmasters offers single source responsibility in HVAC and Refrigeration applications. Our services include repairs and retrofits, preventative maintenance, engineering services and complete installation of new equipment. We generate unique solutions to complex problems to achieve the optimal balance of health and safety, energy efficiency, reliability and life-cycle costs.

GETTING TO YES.  The ease of procurement.

In both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, contracting mechanisms are in place that enable communities to get right to work - and award projects without having to go through the time-consuming process of soliciting proposals.

RI MPA 508 Master Purchase Agreement

Thielsch’s role as an approved MPA 508 service provider by the Division of State Purchases allows state and local agencies in the state to work directly with our firm on an expedited procurement basis. Under this MPA, we have completed projects addressing mechanical and electrical systems, lighting, and other building solutions. We were selected under this effort when it was first developed, and the term of the MPA was recently extended through June 2022.

MASSACHUSETTS Chapter 25a - MA Green Communities

The MA Green Communities Act (GCA) allows state and local agencies to contract directly with utility-approved vendors for implementation of projects valued at up to $100K per project. Thielsch has completed work for over 75 cities and towns since the Act’s passage, making us one of the most active service providers in the state.

Mold, Virus, Bacteria

UV Lights

Our air treatment options for occupied rooms include UV-C lamps installed inside HVAC equipment or ductwork, and UV lights within rooms positioned upward to face the ceiling. Both provide a high degree of protection for teachers and students


CO2 and Ventilation

CO2 levels build up quickly in a closed room will cause people to have a headache, difficulty concentrating, and to feel drowsy. Outdoor air is brought in with heating-cooling equipment and ERVs to dilute/reduce the amount of CO2. Wall sensors can communicate with the ventilation systems to keep the CO2 levels in a healthy range.


High-Efficiency Media Filtration (Air Filters)

Air filters in heating/cooling equipment vary in the amount and size of dust and other particles captured.  Typical efficiency filters are MERV-8 to 11; higher MERV ratings, up to MERV-16, correspond to better filtration, but will be thicker and will have more resistance to the air flow, which will increase the energy used at the fan. 

ERV Air Icon

Energy Recovery
Ventilators (ERV)

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV), Heat Recovery Units (HRV), and Dedicated Outdoor Air Units (DOAS) are three technologies that are used for this exchange of temperature and humidity. Our expert technicians can evaluate, recommend, and update your systems to ensure peak efficiency.

Make your schools safer and healthier - starting now.

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