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Sterling Linen Services Manchester, N.H..

Sterling Linen Services, one of the largest commercial hospitality laundries in New England.

Liberty commissioned a technical study completed by RISE Engineering at Sterling’s facility. The study compared the Xeros machine with a baseline 60 lb washer by metering each machine’s energy usage under identical conditions. The study revealed a 100% decrease of natural gas usage, 76% reduction of water usage and a reduction of wash time of 28 minutes. Rob McLean, Energy Efficiency C&I Program Manager at Liberty Utilities, knew that if he could prove the energy savings, the Xeros machine would be eligible for a 50% rebate based on early replacement of a standard machine. 

Based on these findings, McLean was able to secure a $28,000 rebate for early equipment replacement. “It’s exciting to be able to help promote a new technology like this with incentives,” said McLean, “This will help bring the technology to market faster and provide real savings for our customers.”


Prove the energy savings of a new commercial laundry technology.


Replace equipment with The Xeros machine that uses millions of tiny polymer beads instead of hot water to clean fabrics. 



Total Project Cost:


Liberty Incentives:


Annual Therms Saved:


Simple Payback

5 years